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What is Flexidraft?

Flexidraft offers funding support for your business when you need it – and no charges when you don’t. It enables you to grow your business at the same time as control costs.

Flexidraft Benefits

  • Range - Up to £500,000 funding available
  • Cost-effective - Charged at a daily rate of 0.05% of the funds you use
  • Convenient - If you don’t use the funding, there is no charge
  • Flexible - No contract tie-in, no fixed monthly fee and no hidden charges

How does Flexidraft work?

Agree funding

Step 1: Agree funding amount

Your limit is determined by historic sales analysis.

Create account

Step 2: Create account

We will create an account for your business, which you will use to receive your customer payments.

Transfer funds

Step 3: Transfer funds

Transfer money online from your Flexidraft account to your bank account when you need it.

Contact us

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Email us

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Invoice Discounting

Access funding within 24 hours whilst managing your own credit control

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Full credit control and sales ledger management with our funding and collection service.