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Managing cashflow is essential to business success. Your customers may pay on credit terms of up to 90 days and may not pay on time. Invoice Finance enables you to release your cash more quickly than waiting for customers to pay, allowing you to manage cashflow, and your business, more effectively.

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As a family-owned business, our independence and experience enables a tailored approach. Often, when others say no, we say now!


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What to choose?

There are a variety of Invoice Finance solutions. Which one is right for you depends on your business type and the industry you’re in.

Some things to think about…


What if I need help with credit control?

If you would rather focus your team more on keeping your business moving and less on collecting customer payments, Factoring could be the right solution for you. Our dedicated credit control team collect your outstanding invoices, freeing up your time to concentrate on running your business.


What if I want to manage customer payments myself?

If you choose Invoice Discounting you’ll benefit from your cash in advance of customers paying but you’ll maintain responsibility for collecting customer payments. Your use of Invoice Finance will be kept completely confidential from your customers.


What if I get paid in stages?

We have specialist finance solutions to support businesses that work on a contractual basis. This type of financing works well for industries like construction where contracts are often long and invoiced in stages.


What if my customer doesn’t pay?

Many businesses that use Invoice Finance also choose Bad Debt Protection to make sure that they still receive payment if their customers can’t settle their invoices.


What if I have customers overseas?

Depending on how much you trade overseas, our specialist Export Finance solution could be more suitable. Our Foreign Exchange services can also help you trade more effectively and reduce exposure to currency fluctuations.


What if I need to pay temporary staff?

Our Recruitment Finance solution provides funding to enable payment of staff whilst you are waiting for clients to pay. You can also choose payroll support.

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How we have helped other businesses

We’ve been supporting businesses for over 40 years across a wide range of business sectors…

Industry sector: Transport
Funding provided: £2 million
Type of funding: Invoice Discounting

We provided a £2 million Confidential Invoice Discounting facility to support the growth aspirations of Midlands-based logistics business, which was subject to an MBO in 2022. Our client chose to work with us due to our expertise within the logistics industry and our ability to fund contractual debt.

Industry sector: Manufacturing
Funding provided: £650k
Type of funding: Invoice Factoring

We supported a leading packaging solution manufacturer with a £650,000 Factoring facility after their existing lender no longer wanted to offer them a facility.

Industry sector: Construction
Funding provided: £500k
Type of funding: Construction Finance

We funded a specialist electrical and mechanical engineering business with a £500,000 Confidential Construction Finance facility to support working capital and growth aspirations. Our client chose to work with us because of our specialist knowledge and experience within the sector, and our ability to fund various types of contracts for a variety of end customers.

Industry sector: Recruitment
Funding provided: £100k
Type of funding: Recruitment Finance

We supported a specialist automotive employment agency with a £100,000 Recruitment Finance facility to help them move from their current provider and support their future growth. Our facility provides increased flexibility of funding, with a full back-office solution including software that enables them to monitor and manage their candidates.

Industry sector: Manufacturing
Funding provided: £4.5m
Type of funding: Invoice Discounting

We supported a leading, family-run manufacturer with a £4.5 million Confidential Invoice Discounting facility, providing additional cash and headroom to facilitate its exponential growth.

Industry sector: Wholesale
Funding provided: £150k
Type of funding: Invoice Factoring

We supported a wholesaler of plumbing and heating supplies with a £150,000 Confidential Factoring facility. As a new business, our funding will enable them to grow organically when their bank was unable to help due to their infancy.

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