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We help you improve your cashflow and reach your potential

Managing cashflow is essential to the success of any business. If you find yourself waiting to be paid for the work you’ve done, goods you’ve sold or are spending more time than you would like chasing late payments from customers, Invoice Finance can help. You will be able to manage your cashflow more efficiently and concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business. 

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How Invoice Finance can help your business

Invoice funding is ideal for businesses that have customers on long payment terms, or who often pay late. Each can create a cashflow gap when it comes to paying staff and suppliers while waiting for invoices to be paid. It can also help businesses who want to take on new projects without taking on extra debt.

With our Factoring solution, you benefit from funding and credit control. With Invoice Discounting, you benefit from the funding we can provide whilst still maintaining credit control.

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Our Invoice Finance range

  • Factoring is ideal for businesses wanting to bridge the cashflow gap but without the hassle of collecting payments
  • Invoice Discounting is for businesses looking for cashflow support whilst still keeping control of their invoicing and debt collection processes
  • Forward Finance is designed especially for small businesses with a turnover of up to £300,000
  • Construction Finance is a tailored invoice finance solution for businesses operating in the construction sector
  • Export Finance is designed to help businesses sell overseas via our dedicated invoice finance service
  • Recruitment Finance is an invoice finance solution catered to the needs of businesses within the recruitment sector

Helpful guides

If you would like help managing late payments, information on setting your terms and conditions and what to include on invoices, then download our Late Payment guide.

You can also find information on managing your debtors and effective credit control in our Bad Debt guide.  

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