Bad Debt Protection

Protect your business if customers don't pay

As an SME, making sure your cashflow is stable and you are protected against payment delays, or even missed payments can be crucial.

Even when business is thriving it can take just a few unpaid invoices to cause significant problems.

If you are looking for security and the confidence that you will receive payment for the work you’ve done or products you’ve sold, then you can protect your finances with Bad Debt Protection.

Bad Debt Protection works alongside your invoice finance facility to protect against the impact of customer non-payment and insolvency.

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What is Bad Debt Protection?

Bad Debt Protection is an option that can be coupled with your Bibby Financial Services finance facility to help reduce the risks caused by contractual debt and customers not paying you for the products or services you have provided.


How does it work?

Choosing Bad Debt Protection with us means that we will protect you against the risk of bad debts from your customer base. You can decide how many customers you would like to cover, and we’ll do the rest.

We take care of all of the administration for both existing and prospective customers so you can free up your time to focus on running your business.

Key Benefits



You can have protection within 24 hours



We can protect up to 90% of your bad debts



You decide which customers need to be covered



Monitor customers and act before they become a bad debt



We get to know our clients who value our relationship-based approach and our Service Promise



We can back date protection on all debts by 60 days

Is Bad Debt Protection right for you?

Bad Debt Protection can provide you with security if you:

Lady on mobile phone

tick Want to minimise the risk of non-payment from customers

tick Want to protect your cashflow

tick Have a small amount of customers that represent a large percentage of your sales

tick Have had previous experience of customer bad debt