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Whilst made in good faith and illustrating certain elements of our funding products, please note that all calculations and quotations supplied through this website are intended as being indicative only. They are based on the limited information submitted and are not binding. Actual levels of funding and details of all applicable charges will be confirmed to you in a formal Offer Letter on receipt of your full details and completion of the underwriting processes.

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We collect personal data when you enter information on our website. You remain responsible for all personal data that you enter into our website and in doing so you agree to us storing and processing the data. We will use the personal data you supply to provide information on the services requested and to send you marketing information. We will not share your information with companies outside Bibby Financial Services. For more information on how we use your information please see our privacy policy. In these terms personal data has the meaning given in the Data Protection Act 1998.

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The content of this Website is provided for your information and to facilitate your commercial relationships with us. References to "Website" and "Content" are to this Website and the contents of this Website. You acquire no rights or licences in or to the Website and/or the Content other than the limited right to use the Website in accordance with these terms and to download on the terms set out in this section. Other than as set out in this section you may not copy, reproduce, recompile, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, publish, sell, display, perform, modify, upload to create derivative works from, transmit or in any other way exploit any part of the Website or the Contents.

Downloading is permitted by us provided only that it is to a single personal computer and:

a. you make no more than one printed copy of such download and no further copies of such printed copy are made; 
b. you make only personal, non-commercial, use of such download and/or printed copy; and
c. you retain on such download and/or printed copy all copyright notices and remain bound by the terms of such wording and notices.

Additionally you may not offer for sale or sell or distribute over any other medium (including distribution by over-the-air television or radio broadcast or distribution on a computer network) the Content or any part of the Content.

You may not use the Website or the Contents to construct a database of any kind nor may you store the Website (in its entirety or in any part) in databases for access by you or any third party or distribute any database websites containing all or part of the Website.

If you want to obtain our permission to use any of the Content other than as described in these terms then please contact marketing@bibbyfinancialservices.com

Intellectual Property

This Website including the Content is protected by copyright and/or other proprietary rights. The Content may include content owned and controlled by third parties and licensed to the Company. All individual articles, reports and other elements making up this Website may be copyright works. You agree to abide by all additional copyright notices or restrictions contained on this Website.

You have no ownership rights or licences in any of our trading names, trademarks or in the Content except for the right to use this Website and to download the Content in accordance with these terms.

You agree to email us at marketing@bibbyfinancialservices.com as soon as you become aware of any unauthorised use of this Website by anybody, or of any claim that this Website or any of the Contents infringe any copyright or other rights of any other party.

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