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A trusted and affordable Foreign Exchange service

Whether you already have global trading partners or are new to doing business overseas, Bibby Financial Services (BFS) can help you get the most out of Foreign Exchange (FX). We’re challenging traditional FX suppliers with a service that gives you greater value and clear benefits.

Our FX service enables businesses to make and receive payments easily and swiftly across the world. We offer spot conversions for immediate needs or forward contracts to minimise risk for future currency requirements. And you can use our FX as a standalone service or as part of our Invoice Finance facilities. We offer affordable FX with market leading exchange rates, zero fees on transactions and payments and no deposits on forward contracts.  

We are one of the most trusted names in business finance so you have access to dedicated experts who understand the world of FX and international trade. To make things even easier you can also use our self-service online portal.

How to successfully trade and do business with the US

This 1-hour webinar covers how to send goods to the US, how to do business there and how to manage fluctuations in the values of the pound and US dollar.

The US is the UK's largest export market by country and with negotiations ongoing for a free trade agreement, there may well be many more opportunities for British firms to sell goods and services over the Atlantic.

More than two-thirds (67%) of those with FX requirements say they have been adversely impacted by currency volatility in the past year. Bibby Financial Services Trading Places Report 2017

Manage risk

We can help you to minimise the risk of currency fluctuations by locking in forward contracts. This means that you can fix the rate now for trades you may make in the future. 

And we have the expertise to look after all of your currency exchange needs from paying salaries and suppliers to receiving currency from overseas. We have two forward contract options that give you complete control and flexibility for your future currency requirements.


  • Allows you to lock-in a guaranteed exchange rate for settlement on a pre-determined future date
  • Funds are only provided when the exchange takes place
  • Converted funds can be used to make multiple payments


  • A guaranteed exchange rate that is set for an agreed period of time
  • Draw down at any time from the start of the window period until the contract expiry date
  • Funds are only provided when the draw down takes place

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Maximise profits

If you trade overseas and use Foreign Exchange facilities then you might be paying high fees or deposits on Forward Contracts and you can also be exposed to premium exchange rates with banks. These factors can all affect your profit margins. If so, then we can help you to save money with;

  • Market leading exchange rates
  • Zero fees on payments and transactions
  • No deposits on forward contracts
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Minimise effort

Our team of dedicated FX experts are on hand to offer you help and support. They understand the complexities of the Foreign Exchange market and can help make trading overseas far easier. In addition we also offer a simple to use, self-service online portal which gives you;
  • Instant access to exchange rates
  • The ability to book transactions online
  • A view of your account history at a glance
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By securing currency rates for transactions with FX from BFS, we can mitigate the risk of currency fluctuations and forecast for growth more accurately Ken Crown, Director, Crown Canlines Group

Foreign Exchange


  • Spot Conversions for immediate requirements or Forward Contracts for future needs
  • Make and receive payments through our self-service online portal
  • Market leading exchange rates
  • No transaction charges and zero fees on making or receiving payments
  • No deposits on forward contracts and the option to choose open or future
  • Access to dedicated FX experts


  • Affordable: with zero fees on payments, market leading rates and no deposits on Forward Contracts
  • Reduce risk: Lock in rates with Forward Contracts to buy or sell currency at a fixed rate for future use
  • Speed: Exchange currencies and send to the business of your choice on the same day
  • Support: Access to a team of Foreign Exchange experts to offer help and support
  • Convenience: You have access to an easy to use online portal to view rates and book FX trades
  • Flexibility: Choose from Spot Conversions or Forward Contracts and you can use our FX service as a standalone service or as part of your Invoice Finance facility
  • Peace of mind: Bibby Financial Services are one of the most trusted names in business finance and international trade