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Helping you to release funds from your invoices and exchange to the currency of your choice

If you have an Invoice Finance facility with us, then we can make things easier for you if you trade internationally. Our Foreign Exchange ('Forex') service allows you to release funds from your unpaid invoices through Invoice Finance and directly convert to the currency of your choice, taking the complexity out of exchanging money. 

Our international presence and extensive knowledge of overseas markets through our Export and Trade finance capabilities, allows us to support businesses trading in markets across the world. 


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Is my business suitable?

Your business could be suitable for our Foreign Exchange service if you:

  • Yes: trade internationally
  • Yes: want to reduce exposure to currency fluctuations

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Foreign Exchange


  • Combine your funding with business forex to release cash from your invoices within 24 hours and exchange to the currency of your choice
  • Just one simple transaction with payments to almost anywhere in the world
  • Money exchanged and sent on the same day
  • Locks in exchange rates at today’s price


  • Support: you get access to foreign exchange experts who understand exchange rates and currency fluctuations
  • Speed: we exchange funds and send them to the business of your choice on the same day
  • Reduce risk: we help you to reduce exposure to currency fluctuations with the ability to lock in exchange rates at today's price and schedule in a payment at that rate in the future, giving you more control
  • Flexibility: when you need to exchange more funds than available through your Invoice Finance facility, you can increase or transfer funds from elsewhere
  • Accessible: you can avoid the need to transact multiple times and retain the funds until you wish to exchange it, making your money work harder for your business
  • Personal: we get to know our clients who value our relationship-based approach and our Service Promise

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How Foreign Exchange can help your business

Business Foreign Exchange is ideal for businesses that export goods or services internationally who want to access cash through unpaid invoices and make sure their cashflow is stable. At the same time, with uncertainty in today’s global economy, corporate FX helps if your business works with suppliers and customers in different currencies by reducing your exposure to currency fluctuations.

Managing risks associated with exchange rates can prove extremely complex. The ability to combine funding with foreign exchange services in this way is something other non-bank funders are simply unable to do. Michael McGowan, Managing Director FX division at Bibby Financial Services

How it works

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Raise an invoice to your customer and send a copy to us. We advance an agreed percentage of the invoice value within 24 hours, minus our fee. You then request a currency exchange.

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We will check your funding availability and agree your exchange rate. If you don't have sufficient funding available, this is the point you can transfer top up funds.

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We will use the money from your availability and convert it to the currency you require. Payments can be made on the same day or scheduled date of your choice.