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How leasing can help your business

Paying up front for brand new equipment or machinery can be expensive and constrain your cashflow. With asset based leasing, we purchase the equipment and lease it to you, so you can manage your cashflow more effectively. Simply choose the equipment you need and we do the rest.

Asset based leasing is ideal for businesses that want to invest in new equipment without the upfront cost and improve their cashflow, allowing you to keep cash for other business needs. Also, lease payments are typically lower than loan payments, helping your monthly cashflow. A lease transfers the risk of depreciating equipment to us and there are tax benefits too.

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Is your business suitable

Your business could be suitable for Leasing if you:

  • Yes: want to minimise the risk of ownership
  • Yes: want to spread the cost of payments
  • Yes: are an established business that can demonstrate it can afford the repayments

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  • No need to buy equipment outright
  • Straightforward terms with payments collected monthly
  • Allows you to keep funds in your business for other uses
  • Almost anything can be leased – cars, IT equipment, machinery, printers, or even furniture
  • You don’t own a depreciating asset and can return it at the end, extend the lease or purchase it


  • Speed: you can access equipment immediately, without significant upfront costs
  • Cost-effective: manage your cashflow more effectively by paying for essential equipment over time
  • Choice: you can decide whether to return the equipment, extend the lease or purchase it at the end of the term
  • Off balance sheet: certain structures of lease can create off balance sheet funding for your business
  • Tax efficient: you can reclaim VAT and offset repayment interest against profit (we advise asking your business advisor or accountant how this works)
  • Personal: we get to know our clients who value our relationship-based approach and our Service Promise

33% of SME’s invested in both IT and office equipment in Q2 2017. Q2 2017 Bibby Financial Services Confidence Tracker