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We help our clients to unlock the value of their existing assets and buy new assets cost effectively

Paying up front for brand new equipment or machinery can be expensive and put a strain on your cashflow. With Hire Purchase we buy the equipment outright on your behalf so you don’t have to bear the upfront costs. You then repay manageable amounts over a period of time. At the end of the term the asset is yours. 

You can also refinance your existing assets. This can unlock the value in assets you already own to release cash to develop your business or improve your cashflow and stability. We can also consolidate your existing hire purchase facilities into a single package.

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How Hire Purchase can help your business

With Hire Purchase you can obtain new equipment or machinery without having to buy it outright. You have all the benefits of ownership without compromising your cashflow.

Unlike Leasing, when you choose Hire Purchase, you own the item once you’ve paid all the instalments. 

At Bibby Financial Services we take a more flexible approach to leasing so you can structure your payments to be more cashflow friendly. We offer payment holidays, low deposits and deferred VAT payments, as well as guaranteed early settlements.

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Is your business suitable for Hire Purchase and Refinancing?

  • Yes: are comfortable with spreading the cost of buying new equipment or machinery
  • Yes: are an established business and can demonstrate that the repayments are affordable
  • Yes: already have assets or need to purchase new ones but need to minimise the impact on your cashflow
  • Yes: If you’d like to structure payments to suit your cashflow
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Hire Purchase

While many Hire Purchase providers offer off-the-peg solutions, we will talk to you about the exact needs of your business. If you're an established Asset Finance user we’re confident that the unique benefits that we offer show you we’re behind you all the way.


  • Flexible payment structures and the ability to refinance existing assets
  • You can plan and budget effectively with affordable, fixed monthly repayments
  • Assets financed by Hire Purchase are treated as ‘owned’ assets for accounting and tax purposes
  • Because you can leave your cash in the bank, you’ll have access to money when you need it
  • When all payments have been received the ownership passes to you


  • Cashflow Friendly: We can structure the payment profile to suit your business needs, easing the pressure on cashflow at critical times.
  • Flexibility: You can be certain that the size of your deposit and the length of term we offer is flexible and suitable to your needs.
  • Certainty: You know where you are with your payments because they’re fixed over an agreed period of time and broken down into manageable instalments.
  • Diverse: We fund a broad range of hard assets such as commercial vehicles and construction plant and machinery as well as soft assets such as IT hardware and software and office furniture.
  • Personal: we get to know our clients so we understand their long term goals as well as short term needs. 

Asset based finance is a longer-term option, making it easier for companies to plan for the future. Asset Based Finance Association