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What is Export Finance?

Specialist finance for exporters

Selling overseas presents many opportunities for businesses as well as challenges, not least to cashflow. Export Finance helps by releasing the value of outstanding invoices allowing you to reduce your exposure, manage your cash flow and not have working capital tied up in goods while they are being shipped.

To help you overcome some of the complexities in trading internationally, our team can support you by managing your credit control and collecting payments from your overseas customers using our network of offices around the world.

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Export Finance explained

Export funding is ideal for businesses that have, or want to, customers overseas with extended payment terms or are experiencing issues collecting payments from overseas. To find out how it works and how it can help your business, watch our short, jargon-free, video.

How does Export Finance work?

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Invoice your customer

Raise your invoice as normal and upload it using our secure Client Online portal

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Access your funds

Within 24 hours you will be able to access an agreed % of your invoices


We collect payments

We discretely collect payment from your customers on your behalf


We pay you the remainder

Minus any fees as agreed with you in advance. No hidden charges.

Getting paid in overseas markets – Q&A

A half-hour Q&A with BFS and the Institute of Export & International Trade focusing on how internationally trading firms can ensure they are paid on time and in full when dealing with overseas buyers.
In this session we cover; The importance of Incoterms® - Letters of credits, bonds and guarantees - The role of banks - Export and trade finance - Government support

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Can Export Finance help my business grow?

If you export, or are thinking about exporting

Export funding is ideal for businesses that have customers overseas with extended payment terms or have issues collecting payments from overseas. This can create a cashflow gap while waiting for invoices to be paid. It can also benefit businesses who receive payments from customers in other currencies. Export Finance can help your business if: 

  • you currently do, or wish to, sell to customers based overseas.
  • you receive payments from customers in foreign currencies.
  • you find the process of exporting to other countries complex and challenging.

Export Finance key facts

Key facts of Export Finance and the benefits you get working with one of the UK's leading alternative business finance providers. Bibby Financial Services has been helping businesses grow through exporting for over 30 years.


  • No limit to funding available for international sales for one or more customers.
  • Get cash against the value of your invoices as they are raised.
  • Credit control service with foreign language capability through our network of international offices.
  • Choose to let us manage your credit control or keep it in the hands of your in-house finance team.
  • Manage your account 24/7 with our secure Client Online portal.
  • Access to Bad Debt Protection and Foreign Exchange services.


  • Max funding: benefit from our in-depth understanding of global export territories.
  • Speed: access to funds to minimise cashflow gaps that arise.
  • Experience: support from our team who can provide language, currency, time zone and legal support.
  • Control: let us manage your sales ledger discretely or for maximum confidentiality, keep it in-house.
  • Security: access your funds and account information securely.
  • Added benefits: protect against having to write-off debt should a customer become insolvent and minimise the effect of currency fluctuations on your business using our Foreign Exchange service.

Using Bibby Financial Services as a funding partner has enabled us to further our efforts in new markets and expand our exports internationally. As a global funder, BFS understands our business and our strategy, which has helped us every step of the way. Paul Paling, Financial Director, FSi Limited

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We help our clients by being discreet

If you do not want your customers to know how you’re funded or if you have reliable collection practices in place and would prefer to keep your credit control function in-house, we can offer a confidential service.

This means we do not tell your customers that you are using a finance facility and you maintain the relationship with your customers, without their knowledge of our involvement. It is always our intention to act in your best interest.

When it comes to your customers paying their invoices, if you use our Factoring service, to keep the process confidential even though the funds are paid to us, your customers make payment into a trust bank account in your name. 

Find out more about the opportunities and challenges of exporting to these top 10 countries

Euler Hermes Country Reports are in-depth economic research reports that provide a review of an individual country's economic profile.  We have put together a summary on how to collect payments in the USA, France, Australia, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Spain, to give you some insight into what you can expect.

Read and download the individual country reports here: