Release the cash tied up in your business.

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Release the cash tied up in your business.

Cash flow solutions are an important part of our factoring, invoice discounting and credit control services. When your cash needs to flow, we can help.

The Problem

All businesses need a strong cash flow solution to make their plans a reality, whether that’s paying staff wages, fulfilling orders, buying new equipment or simply investing in new opportunities. The gap between paying for materials and receiving payment from your customers is where cash flow problems begin. For businesses of all sizes, this is a challenge. Bibby Financial Services products are designed to help you to improve your cash flow.  

The Solution

Bibby Financial Services are specialists in cash flow finance. Our range of solutions are designed to assist you in cash flow management, allowing your business to gain access to a flexible source of funding that matches your business’ requirements.

We can improve your cash flow in many ways: 

  • Factoring – a combined funding and credit control service
  • Confidential Factoring – a confidentially run funding and credit control service
  • Invoice Discounting – a funding only service
  • Trade Finance – a funding service for UK companies which purchase and sell finished goods

To get your cash flowing, give us a call or complete our request a quote form