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We help our clients to buy the assets they need or release cash from assets they own

Whether you already own equipment or want to spread the cost of new purchases, asset finance can help meet your business needs.

From commercial vehicles to engineering equipment and software, we can fund business assets to suit your budget and help you keep more cash for your day-to-day business needs.

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How Asset Finance can help your business

Asset based lending allows you to invest in your business without tying up existing cash. It gives you the flexibility to purchase the equipment you need with affordable repayments, instead of a large upfront cost, helping you to manage your cashflow and grow your business efficiently.

Whether you need new equipment or need to refinance existing assets, Asset Finance is ideal for businesses looking for the flexibility to grow and develop.

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Our range

  • Leasing: ideal for businesses wanting to improve their cashflow and invest in new equipment without the upfront costs
  • Hire Purchase and Refinancing: gives you the freedom to expand or reinvest in your business while using the assets you already own

33% of SME’s invested in both IT and office equipment in Q2 2017. Q2 2017 Bibby Financial Services Confidence Tracker

Assets we can finance

Soft assets: equipment of limited resale value

  • Yes: Office furniture
  • Yes: Commercial kitchens
  • Yes: Audio Visual and IT hardware
  • Yes: Software
  • Yes: Factory equipment

Hard assets: equipment with an easily defined value

  • Yes: Buses and coaches
  • Yes: Commercial vehicles
  • Yes: Construction plant
  • Yes: Machinery
  • Yes: Cars and vans
  • Yes: Printing
  • Yes: Agricultural and forestry equipment

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