What is Trade Finance

Trade Finance enables you to buy the stock you need, get paid quicker than normal and ship your products sooner within the UK and overseas.

To find out how it works and how it can help your business, watch our short video.

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We help our clients to purchase goods globally and domestically

We understand that trading with business partners, particularly overseas, can be challenging. Cashflow issues can arise while you pay your suppliers up front and wait for payment for orders from customers. In addition, we know that currency volatility can add further complication and challenges when importing goods for resale as shown in our recent Trading Places Research.

Trade Finance allows you to buy goods and bridge the cashflow gap between paying your suppliers and receiving payment from your customers. You can also benefit from our integrated Foreign Exchange services if you make payments in other currencies and want to protect against future currency fluctuations.      

Our Trade Finance options could be a real game changer for your business.  We now offer FIVE innovative funding solutions, which can be used in combination.  These give you the working capital you need and the flexibility of payment options that will open doors to opportunities around the world!  Click here for 5 ways to buy with confidence!

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How Trade Finance can help your business

Trade financing enables you to buy the stock you need, get paid quicker than normal and ship your products sooner within the UK and overseas. By unlocking the funds you need to fulfil your orders you can remove the day-to-day pressure of purchasing from suppliers while improving your cashflow and growing your sales. Seasonal businesses or those that receive large one-off orders can also benefit from Trade Finance.

Getting access to the right global expertise and experience will make it easier for you to develop successful partnerships with overseas suppliers and deliver value for your business.

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Is your business suitable?

Your business could be suitable for Trade Finance if you:

  • Yes: are a UK business that trades with business partners here in the UK and overseas
  • Yes: want to pay your suppliers quickly and improve cashflow while waiting for customer payment
  • Yes: have strong stock reporting and stock management systems
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Trade Finance


  • Access to funding so you can fulfil existing orders and accept new ones
  • Letters of credit or Supplier Undertaking to promise to the supplier that they’ll get paid if they deliver the goods.
  • We can provide funding to pay for goods before they are shipped; either by deposit or full pre-payment (ex-works)
  • We pay your suppliers against shipping documentation 
  • Benefit from any supplier discounts if you order in bulk or make prompt payment for goods
  • Duty, VAT and Freight paid the same day your goods arrive
  • Over 65 currencies to pay your suppliers in
  • Access to our international network providing local, on-the-ground knowledge of overseas markets
  • We can offer optional credit management and Bad Debt Protection and Foreign Exchange services


  • Speed: we can provide letters of credit within 24 hours to supplier banks, facilitating quick transactions
  • Convenience: your suppliers are paid on the same day goods are shipped, in their currency of choice
  • Flexibility: with flexible payment options that can be used in combination with each other you benefit from increased trading opportunities
  • Access: funding available until end-customer payment is received with supplier payments guaranteed
  • Support: we work alongside you through the trade cycle, from initial order to customer payment, enabling you to fulfil existing orders and accept new ones
  • Expertise: access to a team of dedicated trade and currency specialists
  • International presence: a global business operating in 44 locations across 13 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia
  • Personal: we get to know our clients who value our relationship-based approach and our Service Promise

In 2016 we funded £220 million of importers' invoices and protected £36 million of trade invoices with Bad Debt Protection. Bibby Financial Services

How Trade Finance works

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You order from your supplier. We guarantee payment with a letter of credit or supplier undertakings.

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On receipt of the agreed documentation we make the payment to the supplier and the goods are shipped

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Following delivery of the goods, you repay us once the goods are sold or from your invoice finance facility.