What is Trade Finance?

Trade Finance is a funding and support solution for businesses buying goods for resale from UK or overseas suppliers. It bridges the cashflow gap between paying suppliers and receiving payment from customers, and provides support from a team of dedicated trade specialists.

Who is it for?

Trade Finance is for UK businesses buying and onward selling goods from overseas and UK sellers.

How does it help?

Often businesses wish to buy goods from suppliers for resale but don’t have sufficient working capital or supplier credit terms to do so. Trade Finance allows businesses to buy, receive and sell goods before payment is made.

It helps by guaranteeing payment to suppliers before goods are in transit and making payment when items are dispatched. This enables businesses to develop relationships with suppliers due to payment guarantees and helps them to negotiate early payment discounts with suppliers.

Trade Finance can also provide ongoing funding until end-customer payment is received, supporting the end-to-end transaction process.

Key Features:

  • Letters of credit provided within 24 hours to supplier banks, facilitating quick transactions
  • Suppliers paid on the same day goods are shipped and funding is available until end-customer payment is received
  • Access to a team of dedicated trade and currency specialists, providing a tailored and personal service

Key Benefits:

  • Purchased goods are kept moving with supplier payments guaranteed
  • Working capital is available to support the entire trade cycle from initial order to customer payment, enabling businesses to fulfill existing orders and accept new ones
  • Suppliers can be paid quickly and in their currency of choice, making it easier for them to accept orders and enabling early payment discounts to be negotiated

Why choose Bibby Financial Services?

As a global business with more than 35 years’ experience of supporting SMEs and 40 offices worldwide, we have a unique understanding of trade cycles both within the UK and in overseas markets.

Unlike other lenders, our team of dedicated trade experts respond quickly to enquiries, helping our clients to purchase the goods they need, when they need them.

We also provide additional services for our clients including:

  • Bad Debt Protection, giving businesses peace of mind that customer non-payment will not impact turnover
  • Access to our international network providing local, on-the-ground knowledge of overseas markets

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