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Developing the right skills

We are committed to supporting you to develop the right skills and knowledge. We provide a blend of learning and development resources to enhance your capability and give you every opportunity to fulfil your potential.

Our structured programme of training support includes:

  • Learning as and when you need it
  • Easy access to online training
  • A career path supported by a People Framework

Getting you started

When you join us, you’ll be provided with a thorough Induction and Learning Plan to get you up to speed in your new role. Our in-house training experts provide one-to-one and group sessions to build your knowledge and skills and your line manager will make sure you meet all the people you need to work with.

Developing your potential

As you develop in your role, you will have the opportunity to advance your career and diversify your skill set. We offer a range of training initiatives to enable you to achieve your aspirations, whether you want to be a people leader or specialist in a role: 

  • BFS Academy
  • Internal Apprenticeship Programmes
  • Leadership Pathway

  • Global Mentoring Network
  • On the Job Assignments

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BFS Academy

Our Academy provides a range of personal and professional learning and development opportunities. We provide a 12 month programme, which depending on your role, consists of placements throughout the business and internal and external training. By working in key areas with team members to support you, we can help you to fast track your career plans.

Internal Apprenticeship Programme

Depending on your role, we can offer an apprenticeship programme to support your long-term development. This includes study with an external supplier, which we integrate into your day to day role.

Leadership Pathway

Whether you are an aspiring manager or one of our global leaders, we support you with development opportunities to realise your potential at every level. 

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Global Mentoring Network

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience across 11 countries to draw upon when you take part in our Mentoring Network.

You can choose to be either a Mentor or a Mentee. What’s important to us is that you get involved.

The Network will help you if you have an expertise or specialism you want to learn or that you can use to grow others. 


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On the Job Assignments

Experiencing a role first hand is a good way to learn new skills, whether you want to be more effective in your role or advance your career.

We structure our On the Job Assignments by matching you to: 

  • A project for a period of time 
  • An experienced colleague to support with a business initiative
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