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Get the insights you need to take the next step on your business’s export journey. Download our exclusive guide, packed with actionable advice on fulfilling your global ambitions.

BCC Research

  • Find out the key challenges facing exporters today. 
  • Discover which sectors are particularly well suited to export finance. 
  • Learn what a funder looks for in an exporting business (and what you should look for in return).

We can help your business overcome unpredictable payment cycles with Export Finance, giving you access to money tied up in invoices without having to wait for bills to be paid.  You can also protect against currency fluctuations with our Foreign Exchange service while our Bad Debt Protection safeguards against non-payment. 

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The State of Export

We’re living in a time of unprecedented change, in the UK and internationally. But as the world changes, what are British SMEs doing to stay ahead of the pack? In this exclusive report, we break down the biggest challenges and opportunities facing British exporters today.

Key Insights

  • British exporting is on the rise, despite the pressures of a rising pound.
  • Currency fluctuation is the biggest challenge facing exporters.
  • The US, Germany and France are the biggest markets for SME exporters.
  • But 50% of the top 20 export destinations are within the EU.
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The Export Finance Guide

What does it take to capitalise on the export opportunity? In this unique guide, produced in-house by our export specialists, we give you pragmatic actionable advice you can start using today.

Key areas covered

  • Getting your business ready for exporting
  • How to choose your markets
  • What you need to know about international regulation
  • How to minimise risk
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