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What is Recruitment Finance?

Recruitment Finance is an integrated funding and back-office
solution for recruitment agencies. It provides upfront cashflow for outstanding invoices, in addition to a payroll and automated billing system that helps to streamline your processes.

Recruitment Finance Benefits

  • Service - Get seamless support from an integrated back-office and finance solution
  • Time - Our back office support service frees you up to focus on managing your business
  • Simplicity - Budget with ease with our simple bundled fee
  • Freedom - Take advantage of our one-month rolling contract which lets you leave at any time
  • Expertise - Our team specialises in the challenges that you face and we tailor our solutions to your business

How does Recruitment Finance work?

Invoice raised

Step 1: Upload Timesheets

Once candidate timesheets have been uploaded, the back office system creates your invoice

Customer payment

Step 2: Finance Provided

Bibby make payment against invoices so that your candidates can be paid directly from the system, whilst PAYE and NI is automatically provisioned for you if required

Final payment

Step 3: Credit Control

We will manage outstanding invoices on your behalf. Payslips, P45s, P60s and reports are made available when needed

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Invoice Finance

Access funding within 24 hours whilst managing your own credit control.

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Bad Debt Protection

Protecting you against your customer's insolvency or prolonged default.