Making the most of a world of opportunity

Whether exporting goods is a core part of your business, or you’re making the most of a one-off foreign order, our experience and global presence will ensure that your business can sell with confidence wherever you spot a market.

For years we’ve been helping businesses export. Not only can we provide you with fast and flexible funding, but we can also help you navigate the different languages and legal systems.

A global presence combined with real understanding

As exports become a larger percentage of a business’s turnover, some providers often lose their appetite to fund, due to a perception of increased risk and subsequently decrease their exposure. At Bibby, because of our deep knowledge of the export trade, we’re able to increase your funding as overseas sales become a greater proportion of your order book.

Managing global business

With a presence in 14 countries across all the major continents, we have the skills and knowledge to help you handle all the complexities that a global business can encounter:

  • Legal jurisdictions
  • Languages
  • Time zones
  • Payment systems
  • Currencies

Confidential Export Invoice Finance

It’s vital to provide your customers with a seamless experience. That’s why we’re the only Invoice Finance provider to offer a white-label credit control and collections service. Any communications we make to your client will be in their language and have your branding on it, boosting their confidence in your business.

On top of this, we also provide Bad Debt Protection. We cover up to 90% of the debt should a customer be unable to pay. It’s important to recognise that although you might not use Bad Debt Protection domestically, when dealing with international clients it gives an additional peace of mind.

Higher Risk Countries

Other invoice finance providers typically shy away from funding exports to higher credit risk countries. Not us. We always try to find an export funding solution, and where the commercial trade credit insurance market is unable to assist, we may be able to partner you with UKEF.

An Expert Team

All of our team members take part in continual training with some undertaking the accredited Institute of Export examinations. That’s why whether you are a first time exporter or have an established overseas supplier base we are committed and able to act as your credit control function outside of the UK.

How does Export Finance work?

Invoice raised

Step 1: Invoice

Simply send your invoice to your customer and a copy to us.

Receive funding

Step 2: Receive funding

We advance a minimum of 80% of the invoice value to you within 24 hours, minus our fee.

Customer payment

Step 3: Customer payment

The remaining percentage is returned to you upon customer payment

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Bad Debt Protection

Protect yourself against your customer's insolvency or prolonged defaults.

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Trade Finance

Work with foreign suppliers? We can take the hassle out of buying finished and unfinished goods.

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