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What is Construction Finance?

Construction Finance offers cash advances against outstanding billing so payment delays won't hold you back.

We fund applications before they are certified and provide full, confidential or self-managed credit control and sales ledger management services.

Construction Finance Benefits

  • Speed - Access to your funds, usually in 24 hours, so you don't have to wait to be paid 
  • Expertise - Leverage our knowledge based on over ten years of funding sub-contractors with access to a team of quantity surveyors, finance and recovery specialists
  • Privacy - Our confidential service means we won’t disclose you are using an invoice finance facility
  • Control - We also offer you the ability to manage your own credit control, allowing you to maintain your relationships
  • Security - Protect your business against customer insolvency or prolonged defaults with Bad Debt Protection

How does Construction Finance work?

Invoice raised

Step 1: Invoice

Simply send a copy of your billing to our specialist Construction Finance team

Receive funding

Step 2: Receive funding

We advance an agreed percentage of the invoice values to you, often within 24 hours, minus our fee.

Customer payment

Step 3: Customer payment

The remaining percentage is returned to you upon customer payment

Quick Calculator

For funding requirements under £100,000 try the Quick Calculator to see how much cash could be made available to your business. To discuss your requirements contact our expert construction team.

Annual Turnover (incl. VAT): £250,000

Cash Available: Between £0 and £0

Monthly Charge: Between £0 and £0

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Bad Debt Protection

Protecting you against your customer's insolvency or prolonged default.

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Our Trade Finance can pay your supplier, on your behalf, so you're not out of pocket.