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Leasing, Hire Purchase and Refinancing

If you want to rent, buy or are refinancing existing assets, we can provide you with a solution tailored to your needs that will meet even the most challenging and complex funding briefs.

What’s more, by choosing us for your asset funding needs, not only will you receive a highly personalised service but you’ll be backed by a proven provider with the scale to deliver robust, cost-effective, solutions.

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With Lease Finance, Bibby will purchase the equipment and lease it to your business for an agreed term. This enables you to secure the capital equipment you want, without the need to take ownership. Straightforward terms are agreed and the length of the agreement set, with rentals collected monthly.

Simply choose the equipment and supplier you want, and we’ll do the rest


  • Speed - Access equipment immediately without significant upfront costs
  • Cost-effective - Manage your cashflow more effectively by paying for the use of essential equipment over time
  • Choice - Decide whether to return the equipment, extend the lease or purchase it at the end of the period
  • Off balance sheet – Certain structures of lease can create off balance sheet funding
  • Tax efficient - Reclaim VAT and offset repayment interest against profit (we advise asking your business advisor / accountant how this works)

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Download our easy guide to ending your leasing agreement

For businesses looking to maximise capital expenditure with a tight budget, Hire Purchase with Bibby allows you to fix the cost of acquiring an asset but spread the cost of it over time. We buy the equipment you need on your behalf, and you can use it straight away while paying in manageable monthly instalments. When all payments have been received the ownership passes to you.


  • Speed - Access equipment immediately without the significant upfront costs
  • Cost-effective – Comparing the value of money over time using a discounted cash flow analysis, Hire Purchase can offer a more cost effective alternative to purchasing outright with cash
  • Flexibility – Both the size of the deposit and the length of the term are flexible
  • Convenient - Regular, manageable instalments over a fixed period of time
  • Diverse - A broad range of equipment can be purchased from garage and IT equipment through to vehicles and medical equipment

Download our easy guide for more information. 

If you need capital, for any business purpose, and you have assets within your company, such as machinery, equipment, vehicles or other high-value items, then why not refinance them with us?

Refinancing offers the best of both worlds; you can still use the asset in question at the same time as capitalising on a cash injection straight into your business.

Our refinance solution can help take off the strain of any existing third party Hire Purchase or Lease Finance agreements by consolidating all your payments into one affordable package that takes your specific circumstances into account.

On top of this, we can also help you unlock the value in your current equipment with equity release.


  • Cost-effective - Manage your cashflow more effectively
  • Flexibility - Receive up to a five-year funding period
  • Wide range of assets - Get refinance on commercial vehicles, yellow plant, mobiles, cranes, piling rigs machinery, agricultural equipment and more

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