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We help our clients to unlock the value of their existing assets and buy new assets cost effectively

Paying up front for brand new equipment or machinery can be expensive and constrain your cashflow. With hire purchase, we buy the equipment on your behalf so you can use it straight away whilst spreading the cost of it over time, so you can manage your cashflow more effectively. 

With Refinancing, you can unlock the value of your existing assets, such as machinery, equipment, vehicles or other high-value items to release cash to further develop your business or improve your cashflow and stability. 

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Is your business suitable for Hire Purchase and Refinancing?

Your business could be suitable for Hire Purchase or Refinancing if you:

  • Yes: want to spread the cost of buying new equipment or machinery
  • Yes: you own assets that you can refinance
  • Yes: are an established business that can demonstrate it can afford the repayments

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Hire Purchase and Refinancing


Hire Purchase

  • A cost effective alternative to purchasing outright 
  • Repay regular affordable monthly instalments
  • Assets financed by Hire Purchase are treated as ‘owned’ assets for accounting and tax purposes
  • Improves your cashflow, so you can use it where it is needed most, in your business
  • When all payments have been received the ownership passes to you
  • You can return the assets to us if you do not want to continue with the agreement


  • Release cash from the value of your existing assets
  • Refinancing means you can still use your assets while improving your cashflow
  • Use the cash for any business purpose
  • Repay in monthly instalments
  • Unlock the value in your current equipment with equity release
  • Consolidate your existing hire purchase or lease finance agreements into one affordable package


  • Speed: refinancing your assets provides access to cash within 24 hours, while Hire Purchase means you can buy your equipment when you need it
  • Flexibility: if you choose Hire Purchase, you can be certain that the size of your deposit and the length of term we offer are flexible, while Refinancing provides you up to a five-year funding period
  • Convenient: you benefit from regular, manageable instalments over a fixed period of time
  • Diverse: we can fund a broad range of equipment, from garage and IT equipment to vehicles and medical equipment. You can refinance commercial vehicles, yellow plant, mobiles, cranes, piling rigs machinery, agricultural equipment and much more
  • Personal: we get to know our clients who value our relationship-based approach and our Service Promise

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How Hire Purchase and Refinancing can help your business

Hire Purchase is ideal for businesses that want to buy new equipment or machinery without having to buy the asset outright. So you have all the benefits of ownership without any of the hassle. You also get to spread the cost, helping to improve your cashflow. Unlike Leasing, when you choose Hire Purchase for your business, you own the item once you’ve paid all the instalments.

Asset Refinancing is a cost-effective way to raise money that you can use for any business purpose, while spreading the cost in manageable repayments. This gives you the freedom to expand or reinvest in your business whilst still using the assets you already own. You also have the option to own the asset outright at the end of the agreement.

Asset based finance is a longer-term option, making it easier for companies to plan for the future. Asset Based Finance Association