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What is Export Finance?

Export Finance is a specialist service for businesses supplying goods or services overseas. It provides working capital against invoices raised.

How does Export Finance work?

Invoice raised

Step 1: Invoice

Simply send your invoice to your customer and a copy to Bibby Financial Services

Receive funding

Step 2: Receive funding

We advance an agreed percentage of the invoice value to you within 24 hours, minus our fee.

Customer payment

Step 3: Customer payment

The remaining percentage is returned to you upon customer payment

What are the benefits of Export Finance?

  • With help from our specialist team, customers pay your invoices faster
  • Removes the complexity of dealing with different payment terms, languages, currencies and local customs
  • It allows you to accept more and larger orders as cash is not tied-up overseas
  • Enables you to earn early payment discounts from suppliers
  • Our specialist Export Finance team fund businesses selling into countries other providers won’t
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Limited Offer

If your business has a turnover of between £500,000 - £1.5million you could access:
- 1 month fee free
- 1 month rolling contract
- No set-up costs

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Purchase Funding

For businesses that purchase and onward sell finished goods in the UK and overseas.

Export Finance

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