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The Challenge

As a major supplier of quality toys sourced mainly from the US and China, the business was undertaking a review of its Foreign Exchange requirements. They needed a funding partner who could help with a flexible funding package that enabled them to pay suppliers promptly and also reduce their currency exposure. 

Following a recommendation from one of its partners, they contacted the team at Bibby Financial Services (BFS) to explore a range of funding and currency options that would create greater efficiencies for the business.

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The Solution

The BFS Trade Finance team met with the business to gain a better understanding of its needs. This helped to identify the opportunities that would allow the business to maximise its profit through a combined Invoice Finance, Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange solution. 

A complete flexible funding package was agreed that would support the business during seasonal cycles, remove administrative challenges when goods were held at customs and also reduce currency volatility. The combined Invoice Finance and Trade Finance solution helped to facilitate quick transactions and same day payments to suppliers, allowing the business to continue to grow. 

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The Difference

Since working with BFS, the business has been able to take on more orders and grow. Through a flexible solution, the business is better able to manage its ongoing financial requirements whilst providing same-day supplier payment. Having FX has also improved their profitability, which has been essential to their growth plans.

How Trade Finance and FX can help your business?


  • Our Trade Finance solution helps you to buy the stock you need, get paid quicker and ship your products sooner. We help you to unlock the funds you need to fulfil your orders, removing the day-to-day pressure of purchasing from suppliers while improving your cashflow and growing your sales.

  • Our FX service helps you to combine your funding with business forex to release cash from your invoices within 24 hours and exchange to the currency of your choice and locks in exchange rates at today’s price. With just one simple transaction and payments to almost anywhere in the world, you can exchange money and send on the same day. 

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