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Access to global expertise and experience to help you seize new opportunities.

Whether you're looking for a new funding partner for your imports or want to review your Foreign Exchange (FX), we can support you with your business plans. Our Trade Finance solution provides funding for import goods up to £10 million for both confirmed and speculative orders, helping to bridge cashflow gaps.

With over 40 offices in 14 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia, our global expertise can remove day-to-day pressure purchasing from suppliers while improving your cashflow and growing your sales. We work fast to ensure you don’t need to turn away orders or potential sales, opening Letters of Credit within 24 hours to give to your supplier’s bank.  

We manage over 65 currencies too, so you have peace of mind that your suppliers will be paid in their preferred currency. Our approach is to make your buying process straight-forward and your relationships with your suppliers, stronger.

Trade Finance Benefits

  • Do you find yourself waiting up to 120 days from ordering to payment? We can bridge your funding gap, so you can fulfil existing orders and accept new ones
  • Do you find  currency volatility reducing profits? We can take the complexity out of exchanging money and lock in exchange rates in over 65 currencies 
  • Do you want to fulfil bigger orders? We provide up to £10 million in funding for import goods, helping you to negotiate supplier discounts that improve your profits
  • Do you need fast access to funds? We pay your suppliers against shipping documentation or open Letters of Credit within 24 hours 

  • Do you need support to do business in a specific country? With a global presence in over 40 locations, we provide local, on-the-ground knowledge of overseas markets 
  • Do you need to fund Duty and VAT? We pay your Duty, VAT and Freight on the same day your goods arrive
  • Are you looking for a better freight deal? Our specialists can help you negotiate new freight contracts

Our Trading Places research undertaken with nearly 500 SMEs, showed that navigating international business logistics and managing currency fluctuations are the TOP 2 CHALLENGES facing UK SMEs. 67% of SMEs surveyed, who use FX facilities, say they have been hit by currency volatility in the last 12 months. Bibby Financial Services Dec 2017

Taking control of your Trade Finance

SMEs talk to us every day about the challenges they face trading with business partners, particularly overseas. That’s why we’re here to help you take control when purchasing  goods globally and domestically; protecting against  currency fluctuations, duty, VAT and freight payments, as well as fulfilling new orders. Ultimately, we say it’s about taking control of the controllable.


Our Trading Places Report provides a unique insight into the world of UK SMEs trading overseas and identifies key markets for importers and exporters, views on Brexit, the impacts of currency volatility and the complexities faced by UK businesses trading internationally.


Ultimately, we want to make it easier for you to develop successful partnerships with your suppliers and deliver value for your business. With our trade finance checklist below, you can take control of the financial health of your business by asking yourself:

  • Are you receiving the best possible support from your current Trade Finance partner?
  • Have you reviewed your FX requirements in the last year?
  • Do you have plans to grow your business and need access to funding to build a healthy cashflow?

  • Has the strategic direction of your business changed?
  • Are you unable to fulfil new customer orders due to lack of funds?

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How we help our clients

We support our clients’ import activity so they can maximise the international trading opportunities while improving cashflow. Through our network of Trade Finance experts you have direct access to the right global expertise and experience. Below are some examples of clients we’ve helped:

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Foreign Exchange

We help you by taking the complexity out of exchanging money with our FX service, allowing you to release funds from your unpaid invoices through Invoice Finance and directly convert to the currency of your choice. This helps you to reduce your risk and exposure to currency fluctuations by locking in exchange rates and scheduling payments at that rate in the future, giving you more control. 


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