Unlock the funds in your invoices

Are slow-paying customers putting pressure on your cashflow? Our Invoice Finance solution can unlock up to 100% of the funds trapped in your invoices with 24 hours. It’s ideal if your plans to expand your business need some extra funding.

  • Check your funding at all times with our 24/7 management system
  • Save time by outsourcing your credit control and sales ledger management to us, or handle it yourself
  • Our confidential service means we won’t disclose you’re using invoice finance

Safeguard against non payment

Your plans shouldn’t have to suffer because of non-payment. Our Bad Debt Protection solution protects up to 90% of the value of bad debt suffered. It’s a good option if you’ve experienced bad debt in the past, or if a few customers represent a large percentage of your sales.

  • Keep the funds you’ve received in the event of customer insolvency
  • Monitor your customers and act before they become a bad debt
  • Choose which of your customers should be covered

Buy goods for resale with ease

Does your business rely on buying and onward selling goods from overseas and UK sellers?  Don’t let a lack of cashflow stop you taking on a big order. Our Trade Finance solution lets you buy, receive and sell goods before you need to pay for them.

  • Guaranteed supplier payment to bridge the gap until customers pay you
  • If you need an order made quickly, we’ll issue a Letter of Credit to your supplier’s bank within 24 hours
  • We’ll even take care of customs, VAT and freight so your order isn’t delayed

Make exporting simpler

Our research shows that companies that trade internationally have to wait the longest to be paid, at 44 days. Don’t let that wait put a strain on your cashflow. Our Export Finance service eases the pressure by releasing the value of your overseas invoices.

  • Deal with the added complications of trading overseas with help from our team of experts
  • Receive a cash injection from the value of your outstanding invoices
  • Protect yourself from currency fluctuations with our market-leading Foreign Exchange service

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