What is Export Finance?

Export Finance is a funding solution that releases the value
of outstanding invoices and helps businesses overcome the complexities of selling goods or services overseas. 

Who is it for?

It's for UK SMEs that sell to other businesses and those that are new to exporting or have an existing international customer base.

How does it help?

While exporting presents fantastic opportunities for businesses to grow, it also brings challenges relating to extended payment terms and complexities surrounding selling goods in overseas territories. Export Finance helps businesses to overcome these challenges, providing certainty of payment, upfront payment against overseas invoices and access to a team of export specialists.

Key Features:

  •           100% funding available for overseas sales for one or multiple customers

  • ·       Credit control and payment collection support

  • ·       Access to a team of export specialists providing language, currency, time zone and legal support 

Key Benefits:

  • Upfront funding improving cashflow and helping businesses take advantage of overseas opportunities 
  • Support with overcoming the complexities of selling overseas and payment collection
  • Protection against currency volatility with integrated foreign exchange services 

Why choose Bibby Financial Services?

As a global businesses with more than 35 years’ experience of supporting SMEs and 40 offices worldwide, we have a unique understanding of overseas markets enabling us to provide funding in territories many lenders will not consider.

We also have our own dedicated foreign exchange team, helping our clients to mitigate currency risk and trade with confidence.

In addition to leveraging our own international network, we work closely with leading organisations such as the British Chambers of Commerce, Institute of Export and the British Exporters Association

We also provide additional services for our clients including:

  • Bad Debt Protection, giving businesses peace of mind that customer non-payment will not impact cashflow
  • Confidential options where overseas customers will be unaware of the Export Finance facility 
  • The option for businesses to perform their own credit control and fully manage customer relationships 

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