Data Protection

Our data protection policy

In accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) all directors/owners or officers (“Persons”) who sign the confirmation and Data Protection Agreement authorise Bibby Financial Services and/or any other Bibby related company (“Bibby Companies”) to store and process information about such Persons and to undertake any investigations (including but not limited to searches with credit reference and fraud prevention agencies (“Agencies”) and money laundering prevention searches) deemed necessary by any of the Bibby Companies to enable any of them to offer a finance facility.

  1. I/We confirm my/our understanding that searches with Agencies will be added to my/our record(s) with the relevant Agency and will be seen by other organisations making searches with it.
  2. I/ We accept that information may be passed by Us and any Bibby Group Company to persons based outside the European Economic Area where data protection laws may be less demanding than those in the UK
  3. I/We agree that the Bibby Companies may give information about me/us to:-an Agency, for it and others searching its records to use to help make decisions about me/us, my associated businesses or household’s members;
    1. service providers (including insurers, for underwriting purposes (who may pass it to persons they deal with and to users of their services and give the Bibby Companies information and personal data from their own sources), to help them carry out their services;
    2. legal and tax advisers and persons in relation to any Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme or other loan guarantee scheme application, to help provide their services;
    3. any person giving (or potentially giving) a guarantee, indemnity or other commitment to any of the Bibby Companies in relation to this matter, to assess their obligations to those Bibby Companies;
    4. bankers, financiers or other advisers acting on behalf of any of the Bibby Companies, me/us or any organisation in relation to this matter, so that they can carry out their services to such persons;
    5. to assess my/our financial position or consider offering facilities in relation to this matter; and
    6. any person where the Bibby Companies are allowed or required to do so by law.
  4. I/We are aware that:-
    1. I/We may tell the Data Protection Compliance Officer of the Bibby Companies (details below) if:-
      1. the Bibby Companies may monitor and/or record my/our phone calls to them for training or security purposes. Such recordings belong to the Bibby Companies.
      2. I/We do not wish to be contacted by any of the Bibby Companies about services for market research or of possible interest to me/us;
    2. I/We require details of the Agencies from whom any of the Bibby Companies obtained information about me/us;
  5. I/We understand that, subject to the terms of the offer, all of the information supplied will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Data Protection Compliance Officer Details 

Data Protection Compliance Officer, Bibby Financial Services First Floor, Pembroke House, Banbury Business Park, Aynho Road, Adderbury, Oxfordshire, OX17 3NS, United Kingdom. Telephone 01295 661900 (or such other address or telephone number as the Bibby Companies may tell me/us).

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